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Celebrate Brooklyn
Friends Tent at The Celebrate Brooklyn Performing Arts Festival, Prospect Park: The design work focused on the re-configuration and rejuvenation of the two “Friends” tents adjacent to the band shell in Prospect Park. The concept for this design was reached through a balance of financial economy, material limitations, time constraints, and total creative abandon. Without any overall theme for the festival, the aesthetics were developed as a response to the natural context of Prospect Park. This design is realized through the new creation of both the ceiling and floor planes in this space. The ceiling plane consists of a canopy of laser cut leaf and branch patterns mirrored by a similar pattern painted on the floor plane of the tent using laser cut stencils. Many thanks to Marc Schaut and all of the Pratt students who helped with the fabrication and install, especially Dave Mans who designed the complex Illustrator programming for the laser cutter templates, and Rodrigo Guajardo, who devised the system for laser cutting the Tyvek sheets. PDF